Operation Thunder 6/21/14
We at Largo Beverage Superstore condone the responsible and moderate use of alcohol, regardless of the occasion. We always have!! There is no excuse for operating your vehicle even if you feel as though only a couple of beers or a glass or two of wine with dinner makes you feel "OK to drive". For the next few weeks, until after the July 4 holiday, the Governer's DUI task force, deemed "Operation Thunder" (sounding ominously like a 1930's German propaganda film), will be concentrating it's efforts almost exclusively in the Savannah metro area. Road blocks and random checkpoints will be a common sight during this period!! What's worse is the controversial and blatant Fourth Amenendment violation called the "No Refusal Option" (or Grab and Stab) sanctioned by our DA, who feels that the practice of violating someone's right to be "secure in their person(s)" by NOT giving someone the right to refuse to have a needle take their blood, is a good idea. Yet another case of "probable cause" trumping inalienable individual rights, a post-9/11 trend that will invariably get worse before it gets better. I'm sure it most likely will make our roads safer to some marginal degree, but that's not really the point. This is ALL about REVENUE!! Whatever your opinion on this matter is, we offer a simple and pragmatic solution: DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE !! Remember, a DUI can have a long-lasting personal and financial impact on your life, not to mention the impact on those you may affect if you cause an accident because of DUI (God forbid). Get a cab or designated driver.. It's cheaper!! Have fun and be responsible!! 

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